BumpPRO, born Aziz Little, knew he was destined for greatness from as far back as he can remember. Born in Newark, New Jersey, this “middle child” of a single mom hungered for attention. With the suburbs in the far distance of the Newark skyline, BUMP knew there were “things” he didn’t have but desperately wanted…or so he thought.

With a hard working mother barely at home, Aziz took to the streets and became all too familiar with the hustle. A rising “star” in the hood, BumpPro moved up the ranks with ease but quickly learned that crime does pay. With the repetitive consequences of his actions making his life spiral out of control, Bump knew it was time for a change!

Longing for the same level of respect he found on the streets of Newark, Bump decided to focus his energy doing something he was equally as passionate about…HIS MUSIC! Having been interested in writing since a young age, it was now time to dive into his creative world head first. Always thinking about “business”, Bump earned his G.E.D. and enrolled in NY’s Institute of Audio Recording (I.A.R.). He simultaneously landed an internship with a well known producer and quickly became a master on the mixing board while creating a sound that would become his own.

Bump found a way to transform adversity into a new style of music he coined “ROCKHOP.” Influenced and inspired by a diverse group of singer/songwriters (ie. Anita Baker, Jay-Z, Madonna, Guns n Roses, Nas and Phil Collins) Bump realized the similarities between the rock and rap genres and pulled his musical ideas from both worlds. He teamed up with fellow I.A.R. classmates Front Row Crew – a rock band – for a school talent show and that performance helped define his “ROCKHOP” sound.

With his sound and style under his belt, engineering and recording skills becoming sharper with each passing day, BumpPro was determined to work non-stop on his craft. After graduating from I.A.R. with honors, he opened up his own recording studio simply named “Undeniable,” located in Orange, NJ. Bump considers himself a Freedom Writer and a super natural being, having stepped into the light from the dark place he once called home. Now is his time and he is realizing his dream through his music!

Ready to take his journey and talent to the next level, BumpPRO reached out to longtime family friend and musical mentor Billy “Big Luv” Allrich, who also attended KEAN University with his older brother. Big Luv – an entertainment executive specializing in business, with BumpPRO as HIS first client. Through HIS new venture, ALLRICH Entertainment Group is on a mission to make both BumpPro AND “RockHop” a music industry staple in the VERY near future!